Winnie Bongabong,
Leiterin der Alay Kapwa Kooperative für Chipstütenverarbeitung, erzählt ihre Geschichte:

I am Winnie Bongabong, a member of Alay Kapwa, leader of the Recycle Bag Making.
I came from the “Reclamation area” in Pasay City. We were ejected by the government and relocated in Paliparan.

I came to know Alay Kapwa from a friend. I became curious and joined them. I started attending their weekly bible study.
I started to have hope and have faith in God. I started having direction in life. Before I was floating, no direction at all.

If my husband is lucky, we can have meals. If not, we sleep with empty stomachs.

With training and seminars, I was able to overcome shyness and able to mingle with people. I developed my skills.
I did not know that I am an artist. The late Sister Christine Tan was the one who discovered it. We were trained
how to make baskets out of telephone directory. Later, through observation, our innate ability enhanced,
we started to make bags. Then came the potato bag chips wrapper. Sister Amy challenged us if we can make
something out of wrappers. We made bags too. Sometimes when Sister Nida travels, when she sees something
unique, she buys it and shows it us. And we copy it and improve it.

Today I am earning P 3000. I can send my children to school.
I am also grateful to Alay Kapwa because they gave my eldest son a scholarship.
He is now on college. I hope when he graduates, he will help us first before is married.

Winnie Bongabong

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