Zwei Perlenhandwerkerinnen von Alay Kapwa stellen sich vor.

Irene Caberto

I am one of the artisans doing the jewelries made from recycled magazine pages
and this has made a major difference in my life. I have a baby girl and from the labor
I can get in doing the recycled jewelries I now have enough money to buy all of
the standard needs of my baby like infant milk.

Since our work is not that time consuming and not that hard for me, I have enough time for my family.
Also, each time there's a big order for the jewelries (which will mean a bigger salary for us),
there will be also an additional money for me to cover for the expenses for household needs.
Also, this extra money can sometimes be used to have a quality time with my baby and my family.
We bond together by going into parks or malls. In this way,
it also helped me to strengthen my relationship with my family.

Helen de Jesus

I am a single parent of my only daughter and my work as one of the artisans in our organization
is really a life-changing part of my life. Through my labor as one of the artisans,
I can fully support my daughter with all of her needs and our daily expenses.

Since she is one of the scholars in our foundation, her needs for her school projects and
other non-academic expenses can be financed through my work.
My life with my daughter is now really attached with our organization.
We're also both part of bible studies in our organization.
Through this, our relationship with each other and also with God really strengthens each day.

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