Jeanie Llamado,
Leiterin der Kooperative der Telefonbuchhandwerkerinnen

Since 1995, I am one of the artisans of Alay Kapwa doing baskets made from recycled telephone directories.
Since start, this really has changed my life because through my work as an artisan,
our family can survive with our daily needs. Also, because of the help of our organization,
they support us through our different projects.

Together with our customers, they always give us a chance to improve our products
and also to become more creative by doing new designs. We also make sure that whenever possible,
all of our materials are completely from recycled things and environment-friendly.
Being an artisan of Alay Kapwa really makes me proud together with my family because it proves that with hardwork,
patience, and respect one can succeed in her own way. 

With our organization, I can always feel that everything is equal and fair. 
It is not a question whether what is your profession or what degree have you graduated but what is you
and how do you live with your life. And each time you will have a mistake,
they always remind us that there's still tomorrow and we can still change and hope for the best no matter what.

Jeanie Llamado.

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